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Michael Wagner mwagner at mcgregor-isd.org
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I have only been this for five years now and am still learning and I don't
think I would quite do it justice. However, there are several in the CI
world that already offer workshops (and it is hands on and presented in a
language that most of us would not be familiar with).

I know that Blaine Ray does his workshops using German and I have attended
his several times when he is in Texas. There are others that work with
Blaine Ray and they might use different languages due to the fact they are
natives of Romania, Russia, etc. I would think that each presenter would
present in a language other than Spanish or French (I don't know if they
also use German like Blaine does or a different language). You will need to
check out his website (https://tprsbooks.com/workshops/).

There are two conferences that I have been attending now for the last 5
years and the person who does the beginning classes for those wanting to
learn how TPRS works uses Russian. She is phenomenal!!! Her name is Katya
Paukova. She does the whole training in Russian. It will blow your mind
away if you have the chance to learn under her. She usually presents at
both conferences. Links to the two conferences:  NTPRS
<http://www.ntprs.info> (will be in San Antonio, Texas this summer) and iFLT
<https://fluencymatters.com/ifltmain/> (will be in Denver, Colorado this
summer). Both conferences move around the US every summer.

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On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 11:37 AM, Patricia Ríos <patriosv at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for sharing. I was wondering if you have considered to create a
> workshop where teachers can experience hands on this approach, and include
> the method for other languages, so the Spanish teachers can learn it
> through learning French or German, and the French teachers can learn it
> through Mandarin, Italian, etc. for example.
> Patricia Rios
> MD Spanish teacher

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