[TFLA-list] Designing educational emmersive games need ideas, help!

Brian and Gloria Abercrombie abgh at comcast.net
Sun Jan 8 10:56:31 EST 2017

Hello dear people of TFLA ,
I have been teaching Spanish for 20 years but have recently earned my 
Master's in Instructional Technology. My biggest hope was to have the 
opportunity to be able to help classes outside of core curriculum find ways 
to make their classes better and lives easier but so far it has been a 
matter of if you do not have experience it is near impossible to get the 
Jump just a little ahead now,  I currently work for a district that if you 
take the required professional development they provide 15 Chromebooks for 
classroom. As I was waiting for them I was thinking of all the cool 
possibilities of virtual situations through games that could only be done 
with tech or expensive travel. When we got the Chromebooks I learned how 
limited they can be, a major setback to my dream classroom. So after some 
thought I decided to re-address BYOD(bring your own device) and started 
learning Java for Android  so I could make apps to do what I want. This is a 
process I am still working towards but along the way I also found a way to 
make the simulation/games I wanted and make them work for Chromebook.
This is where my request to you all(ustedes) comes in: I am learning to make 
video games with the intention of using them for learning tools. This is 
called gamification. Naturally with 20 years of Spanish teaching that is 
going to be my starting point although everything easily transfers to other 
languages and I plan to try to do this for all subjects and levels. Imagine 
interactive gamified e-books with built in quizzes that must be completed to 
move along but if failed take the kids to new explanations of the material 
and new practice. Or imagine you are covering vocab about foods and 
stores/shopping a game in which they have to walk through a traditional 
town(1st person shooter style) and locate the right stores then  complete 
their shopping list and pay in the proper currency. Also a Minecraft type 
world of learning can be customized to specific needs. I would like to see 
what ideas you all would like to see developed in this essentially boundless 
realm of possibilities. What would you all like to see become a reality for 
your classroom? As I am studying both it would be made to work online for 
laptops/Chromebooks and Android and if all goes well eventually for 
Please share any ideas you have.
Thank you for your time,
Brian Abercrombie

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