[TFLA-list] Tea with BVP & #langchat

Ginny Lindzey ginlindzey at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 1 11:45:22 EDT 2016

It is conference season, but if you can't go to the conference of your choice, I would like to remind folks that there are a couple of sources for filling your desire to learn more.

First, there's a podcast that is in its 2nd year called Tea with BVP (Bill VanPatten) which is both fun and incredibly informative. I binge listened to the first season in June and felt like I had been to an awesome professional development.  Find more information here: http://www.teawithbvp.com/

And if you are on Twitter, check out #langchat. Thursday evenings they have a discussion that on topics related to teaching world languages. The chat repeats on Saturday mornings. There are some great people that participate, and I have learned a lot from these discussions.

Ginny Lindzey


Tea with BvP<http://www.teawithbvp.com/>
*The* call-in talk show with a touch of comedy for those interested in second language acquisition and language teaching. Hosted by Bill VanPatten and the Center for ...

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