[TFLA-list] Send a public comment on Proposed New 19 TAC §74.6

Pamela Young jeunejoven at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 21:31:47 EDT 2016

Dear TFLA Members:

Here is another opportunity to get our legislators attention. If you go to
this link:

you can submit a comment on the Proposed New 19 TAC Section 74.6. I am
including a sample comment that you may use if you wish.

Pamela Young
Advocacy Chair

Dear Sirs:

If World Languages (LOTE) was started in elementary school, just as every
other Core subject is, it could meet each one of the criteria for the Core
subjects in Proposed New 19 TAC §74.6
The only reason our students cannot achieve these objectives until the
third, fourth, or fifth year of a second language in high school is because
they have to start at the very beginning of the language in high school.
Although many consider us to be enrichment, we are a Core subject, as well.
We help build vocabulary in both the first language and the second. We help
build critical thinking while the students struggle with making themselves
understood in a language not their own. We help them understand how
differences in cultures and geography can influence a group of people. We
help them understand what citizenship involves. We help create individuals
who can solve problems by thinking outside of the box. We help create the


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