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Merci, Jan.  I am familiar with Trésors du Temps as well, and it does have
some good excerpts.   I should have been a little more specific in my
description of what I'm looking for
 less of a textbook, and more of simply
a collection of a variety of short stories, whole chapter excerpts from
books, poems, etc.

Thanks again! 

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Trésors du Temps
Glencoe McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0-02-676652-3

This is the number for the TAE

Jan Goodloe
Westchester Academy for International Studies Spring Branch ISD Houston, TX

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Does anyone know if there are any books which have a collection of excerpts
from French literature ?  I have - and like - Par tout le monde francophone,
but I'd like something a little more advanced, as it does not have any
excerpts written in the passé simple.

Merci !

~Andrea Martin

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