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I have not been a roaming teacher nor taught little ones,  but wanted to suggest to her to use the first half of a textbook for the whole year for the older students and maybe adapt the first  or first two for the younger ones.   Our district used to do that- half the book in 7th grade and half in 8th.  I loved getting those students in Spanish 2 because they were able to retain more since they had spent more time with each chapter.

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Good evening,
       I am reaching out to primary school teachers since I was a secondary teacher now teaching in a community college and would like some suggestions for my daughter who will be teaching Spanish in a private school K-6.
       The youngest ones are only going to get maybe an hour a week exposure with the older students a somewhat longer amount of time. She has been asked to look at several curriculum; but I wondered if someone out there had had a similar experience of being a roaming teacher with very little classroom time and had a suggestion for a useful, published series to use or do you think it is just better to create her own curriculum.
        Thank you for any insights you would care to share.

Mary Morfeld
Tarrant County Community College
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