[TFLA-list] Spanish placement tests

Patricia Ríos patriosv at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 09:16:31 EDT 2014

For those students are test. They have to take one per year, until they
 complete the three levels, and then they can study for the APRIL Spanish.
It is based either in literature and culture, or grammar.

The school administrator who is in charge of the exams can help the
students in the process of registration.

My daughter is Spanish speaker first language, did until 5th grade in
Mexico, and in high school had to go over these tests.

I hope this information helps.
Patricia Ríos

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Dear friends,

Could you please share what type of placement test does your school
use for students who already know some Spanish?

The private school where I teach has been admitting many students
whose parents are fluent in Spanish and request that their children be
"tested out" of Spanish. Your input is greatly appreciated.


Janet Kessler
San Antonio, TX
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