[TFLA-list] Recommendations for French Books

Mary M. Williams marymare at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 24 12:03:04 EST 2014

I have a student who would like some recommendations for books in French.


She has Le Petit Prince and just wonders what other kinds of books there


She is a first year learner (very good student), so some novels might be too
advanced. I’d like similar titles to Le Petit Prince – that is ones that are
engaging, but not too complicated.


The books would also need to be available through regular US channels and/or


I thought about la Fontaine and maybe some of the plays of Molière. Some
19th century poets – Verlaine and such. And Jacques Prévert.


Any suggestions for more contemporary items that would be readily available
would be appreciated.


Merci beaucoup


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