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Hi TFLA Members

I saw this announcement from Michele Carpenter and decided I should share my thoughts with all of you.  Many of you already know this background, but I feel I should retell it so that the younger teachers could understand.

I am the teacher who brought Justo Lamas to the US for the first time back in 1998.  He sang at the TFLA conference after performing at my school. And it all started there with enthusiastic Texas Spanish teachers.  Then I took him all over the US to teacher conferences and the concert series just exploded into being.

I met Justo's family in 1967 when I lived in Buenos Aires, of course he was not born yet, his parents had never even met yet, but I stayed in touch with his family.  I love this young man as if he were my son; we created together the incredible experience of the Justo concerts.  I have been retired for seveal years, but this school year I took a part-time job at a small private school.  Ever since Justo decided not to travel so much, to stay home with his family in Buenos Aires (has two children now) he has been doing a program on the news there, a very different program that you would enjoy:  search for: C5N en el lugar justo     

I noticed that Justo's choice to replace himself in the concert series was going to be in our area, so I took a group of about 30 to see the concert presented by Ennio Emmanuel.  Knowing that I would be completely disappointed with anyone other than "my son" performing for students, I went anyway.  Well, I was so disappointed about not being disappointed!!  That young man walked out on stage, my students immediately jumped up and joined in the singing--standing in place dancing, etc.   I also jumped up!  Well, more like struggled to get up, but it felt like jumping up!

Ennio sounds much better live, on stage, than on his recordings.  I think he ought to re-record some of those songs because I really had no idea what a great voice I was going to hear.  The local teacher wisely provided ear plugs for the older folks in the crowd.  The sound was a bit loud, but it was worth the pain and suffering to this old lady to see the students so excited.  When Ennio asked "Who knows Eres T'u?"  One of my boys jumped up...Ennio invited him on stage and Noah belted out his version of Eres t'u, complete with arm and hand motions.  It was hilarious, and Noah is now famous at school for his presentation.

How can I feel so affirmative about Ennio?  Well, I just have to give Justo the credit for finding such a talented young man who shares Justo's wholesome attitudes and willingness to encourage young people that NADA ES IMPOSIBLE.  It was actually hard to tell Ennio--Due to my background with Justo, I was determined that I could NOT like you and your performance, but, you are amazing!  

So what I am trying to say is, with his talent, his personality, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous good-looks (I may be OLD, but I can still SEE) Ennio won over the one person on this planet who was pre-disposed to be the most critical critic imaginable.  If Justo rates 100% to me, Ennio rates 99.999999999999999999!!! (Of course, moms understand why there will never be another Justo to me.)

Pam Kaatz

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If you have never experienced a Justo Lamas Group Concert with your students, NOW is the time to do so!  We are currently booking concerts for the 2014-2015 school year!  Yout can host your own Ennio Emmanuel Concert in your school and give your Spanish students the experience of a lifetime!  Please contact me for more information.

Michele Carpenter
michele at justolamasgroup.com
(940) 564-0983

Michele Carpenter
Spanish Teacher
Olney HIgh School
704 W. Groves
Olney, TX  76374

mcarpenter at olneyisd.net


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