[TFLA-list] Interested in presenting at ACTFL for the LLC SIG?

Teresa Kennedy tkennedy at uttyler.edu
Thu Feb 20 10:11:37 EST 2014

Dear Texas Teachers of World Languages,
I recently sent the following idea to several of the elementary language teachers in the state and did not receive any interest....I hope that this will interest some of you:

POTENTIAL UPCOMING OPPORTUNITY:  As I am sure that you know, the 2014 ACTFL Conference that will take place on 21-23 November 2014 in San Antonio!  I hope that many of you are planning to attend.  If you are planning to attend, and would be interested in collaborating together to do a joint presentation please let me know!

I can submit a proposal on our behalf for us to do a joint presentation during one of the special sessions that the ACTFL Language Learning for Children (LLC) Special Interest Group (SIG) is currently organizing.  I have discussed the idea with the presentation committee and they like the idea!

IDEA:  A group of us collaborate together to present WL K-8 Activities That Work: Ideas to Use on Monday!

Suggested Format:  Everyone could demo and share an activity that they have found useful and provide the audience with your lesson plan so that they can return home with your activity in hand.  This would be a fun session!!

All slides would be combined into one large ppt (so we would need to use the same format-I would send you your slide for you to place your text and any graphics onto; you would return it to me and I would combine them all together).  

Please consider being a part of this presentation, please let me know ASAP if you would like to do this.  The deadline is almost here and then it will be too late to submit a proposal to the LLC SIG.  

I hope to hear back from all interested in participating.  Thank you in advance for considering be a part of this fun collaborative presentation at ACTFL!
Best regards,
Teresa Kennedy
NNELL Texas State Representative

Teresa J. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Office of International Programs
Professor, Bilingual/ELL/STEM Education
University of Texas at Tyler  
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