[TFLA-list] Ennio Emmanuel Concert

Michele Carpenter mcarpenter at olneyisd.net
Wed Feb 5 10:56:14 EST 2014

I would like to post the following if possible.

If you live in the Aransas Pass area, don't miss out on the opportunity to take your students to see Ennio Emmanuel live in concert, through Justo Lamas Group Concerts.  I assure you that this will be an experience your students will NEVER forget!!  This is a great way to bring the Spanish language to life in an exciting setting that your students will love!

For more information, go to justolamasgroup.com and click on the tour button to make reservations.  The Aransas Pass concert is on March 4.  Please feel free to contact me at the following email addresses:

mcarpenter at olneyisd.net

michele at justolamasgroup.com

Michele Carpenter
Spanish Teacher
Olney HIgh School
704 W. Groves
Olney, TX  76374

mcarpenter at olneyisd.net


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