[TFLA-list] Best mobile language lab for LOTE department

Nilay Akin Woodbury neriye at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 16:09:41 EDT 2014

Hi Maria,

I found some interesting labs:
1. You can get an actual language lab here: http://www.tandbergeducational.com/products/portable_language_lab.php
2. You can get iPads and then download the software to make it like a language lab (more versatile) here: http://www.relanpro-usa.com/?page_id=313

Hope this was helpful!

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 2:10 PM, "Muniz, Maria" <Maria.Muniz at ectorcountyisd.org> wrote:

>Hola a todos!
>Hello all! I'm in a desperate need for help. At our school we had given up hope of getting a mobile language lab, but fortunately we got news (on Monday) that we could get one if we get bids from companies before April 30th... so now the determining factor is time. We do not have the time to have all kinds of different vendors come and give us a quo, so instead I would like to hear suggestions and recommendations from those of you with experience on mobile language labs. Could you please share the name of the companies and what you like about them?
>I greatly appreciate everyone's time and help!
>Thank you!
>Maria Muniz
>Maria A. Muniz
>Odessa High School
>Spanish II / Pre AP-IB Spa. II
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