[TFLA-list] LOTE/Spanish Certification

Patricia Ríos patriosv at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 09:29:57 EDT 2014

The exam is divided in several sections. Those are listening comprehension,
reading comprehension, writing two essays, and speaking. Also there is a
section in grammar, but the writing section also grades your ability to use
punctuation, that is a big part of Reading and writing in Spanish. All of
the exam is in Spanish, except for one section that is related to general
teaching strategies. It is computer base, and some sections there is no
chance to go back, but others are too long and you can't go forward.

The minimum time you can take it is about 4 hours and 15 minutes. It
depends how fast you can do the writing and the reading sections.

The preparations is not very useful if you are not proficiency in Spanish,
because there is nothing you can do to learn a language if you haven't
studied and practiced before.

I hope it helps.

Patricia Rios

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