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Patricia Ríos patriosv at gmail.com
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I have my studies from México (transcript) done in Houston in a place
called Spantram. You can find it in Internet. I paid around 150.00 dollars
8 years ago. When it is done, she might have to go to a community college
in order to have her teacher alternate program, so she can have an account
in SBEC TEA in order to get her registration and apply for the
certification exam.

I recommend to take LOTE/Spanish EC-12.

I hope this information helps.

Good luck!
Patricia Ríos

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Hello to all TFLAlisters,     I'm a 2nd year Spanish I and II teacher
in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, and I have a question about
certification for my wife. She completed 3 years of a 5 year degree
plan in International business at a University in Guatemala some years
ago. She worked as a Spanish teacher to tourists for 7 years before we
married, and she is interested in teaching in public schools here.
Does anyone know what the simplest route would be for her? I've heard
of people sending transcripts to some place in Austin to be evaluated.
Does anyone know if they would count her credits toward a degree here?
If they determine that some of her credits are valid at a Texas
university, there is also the question of what language the course is
taught in. Her English is decent and improving, but a college course
in English is something that she might not be able to do for a while
yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?
--Jaron Kunkel

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