[TFLA-list] Professional Development

Michael E Wagner m_wagner at mac.com
Wed Apr 2 12:47:26 EDT 2014

If you are able to travel, I suggest the following two options:

1) iFLT Conference in Denver, Colorado
Conference website: http://tprstorytelling.com/conference/

2) NTPRS Conference in Chicago, Illinois
Conference website: http://ntprs.org/

I went to the NTPRS conference last summer (it was held in Dallas) and, wow, it was wonderful!!!


On Apr 01, 2014, at 03:23 PM, Michele Carpenter <mcarpenter at olneyisd.net> wrote:

Does anyone have any suggestions for professional development workshops this summer? My service center offers nothing for foreign language teachers. Anyone??

Michele Carpenter
Spanish Teacher
Olney HIgh School
704 W. Groves
Olney, TX 76374

mcarpenter at olneyisd.net


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