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Larry Kaatz kaatz at airmail.net
Tue Apr 1 22:46:55 EDT 2014

Hi Michele

I have been doing some planning with the North Central Texas College of Gainesville.
We have a branch here in Denton where we will hold two Spanish workshops.  I convinced them that as a university, they were accepted by the TEA to grant professional development hours.  They checked into it and agreed to let me do some.
I'll be doing Building Artificial Realities and then that idea will be tied in with the Spanish Verb Wall, which I am trying to turn into the Spanish Verb Map so I can make it for computer display rather than the printed version, which is expensive.

July 22-- the English Verb Wall for ESL or English Language Arts
July 29--Spanish Building Artificial Realities/Verb Wall or Map
August 5--Using music in the Spanish classroom...lots of songs with cloze activities--listening and filling in the blanks

If I remember correctly when we came to the Justo concert at your school, it was about 2 hours from Denton to Olney.
I have about 8 extended family members and a 2 yr old GREAT-granddaughter living here, or I would invite you to stay here with me!!  But two hours to and from is not so bad.  We ARE Texans, after all.

I think their fee is going to be about $59, but there is no guarantee that the class will "make."
If you want to spread the word, feel free!!

Pam Kaatz
retired Spanish teacher,
getting too ancient to travel much any more

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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 15:23:15 -0500

Does anyone have any suggestions for professional development workshops this summer?  My service center offers nothing for foreign language teachers.  Anyone??

Michele Carpenter
Spanish Teacher
Olney HIgh School
704 W. Groves
Olney, TX  76374

mcarpenter at olneyisd.net


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