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I used "Manual de gramatica y ortografia para hispanos" to teach the grammar and "Sendas literarias" as one of the books to read. Mina Chacon 
Spanish II & II PreAP 
Klein High School 

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To teach Spanish 1 to Spanish native speakers is very hard. You have to focus in the use of grammar and practice it a lot, like the use of "acentos", c/s/z,, g/j, b/v, and make them to write essays in Spanish cultural related for them to gather also information about the background of the different aspects of the Spanish speaking world. 
You need to be very confident in your Spanish written and speaking skills. Besides some of your students may speak the language, but have never written or read it, so you will need to teach them those skills too. 
Good luck Patricia Ríos 
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Hi, I am interested in any ideas or lessons any has or has used for teaching Spanish I to Spanish speakers. 
Thanks, Pamela 
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I just wanted to know if any of your districts have a Latin curriculum already developed for middle school (6th grade)? 

Have a great weekend!


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