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Heather Piepkorn HeatherPiepkorn at hebisd.edu
Wed May 22 17:15:55 EDT 2013


For those of you that have native speaker classes at your high school, how were they started? Were there any challenges that you faced in getting them created? How have the native speaker classes benefitted the students? The department? What is the curriculum like (focus on writing/reading)? Any particular successes or challenges that stand out as a result of the program?

We have proposed the idea of a native speaker class in the past, but unfortunately have been met with some resistance. I really think it would be so valuable to have a course dedicated to the special learning needs of the both the native speakers and the Spanish heritage speakers, especially since a lot of these students tend to fall into the high risk category. It would open a lot of doors for them, building upon the valuable skills they already possess, and even advance to taking certain AP tests for college credit.

Really, any information you would like to share would be helpful. :) Thank you so much. ~Heather Piepkorn

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We are trying to revamp our native speakers program, does anyone have test or list of requirements for native speakers? That are either given at the middle school level or coming into the high school wanting to enroll in native speakers.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Anna Anderson
Spanish 1 Teacher
Assistant Volleyball/Softball Coach

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Here's something from our district (HISD) if interested.  I teach Beginning SSS at my middle school and have materials if you have anything specific you're looking for  :)


Ana Snyder, MS Ed
Woodcreek Middle School
Spanish I & Beginning Spanish for Spanish Speakers
"A Quest for Excellence"
ana.snyder at humble.k12.tx.us<mailto:ana.snyder at humble.k12.tx.us>

>>> "Marcelina Nava" <marcelina.nava at plainview.k12.tx.us<mailto:marcelina.nava at plainview.k12.tx.us>> 5/16/2013 12:20 PM >>>
Good afternoon educators,

Is there anyone that teaches specifically to native speakers?  I would like to know about your curriculum.

Thank you,
Marcy Nava
Plainview HS

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