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Quintero, Carlos C CQUINTER at houstonisd.org
Wed May 22 11:37:30 EDT 2013

I am in an Edmodo group that shares Spanish material with teacher all over the world...

Email me if you have an account and want to share and borrow material...it has been great...

Sharpstown HS

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On May 22, 2013, at 10:28 AM, "Potter, Rose M" <rpotter at austin.utexas.edu<mailto:rpotter at austin.utexas.edu>> wrote:

TEA has a website called project share. The goal is to gather support for teachers across the disciplines so if, you want a lesson plan about say, "photosynthesis" or "imperfect VS preterit", you could scroll through ideas submitted by Texas teachers. The lessons are aligned to the TEKS.

The LOTE section is completely empty – well, last time I looked it was empty. (They started the project with Math and Science support) TFLA members may be interested in registering for the free membership and using it as a platform to share lesson plans.

I've embedded a letter sent out last OCT that gives an update of the project at that point in time.

You can go straight to the site and explore – or drop in lesson plans.


If you have questions, please contact TEA – I am just a bearer of the message. You can email the Project Share Team at" projectshare at tea.state.tx.us

The site is a diamond in the rough – especially for LOTE.



October 26, 2012


Subject: Project Share Update

This letter is to inform districts of the expansion of Project Share resources for students throughout the 2012-13 fall semester. Currently, updated OnTRACK Lessons for secondary English, math, science, and social studies subjects are available at no cost for import and management at the local level. OnTRACK Lessons are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) of each subject (e.g., OnTRACK Lessons for Algebra I, OnTRACK Lessons for Biology) and are designed to supplement classroom instruction with additional practice and extension activities. If a district elects to use the OnTRACK Lessons, copies of each online course are available for import through its education service center (ESC). ESC staff is available to provide training and support as districts implement the lessons. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is also in the process of updating all OnTRACK Lessons to include additional lessons focusing on TEKS that often require deeper learning and practice. Updated lessons are scheduled to be available by the beginning of the spring semester. Grade 8 OnTRACK Lessons in ELA, math, science, and social studies will also be available for district use during the spring semester.

The TEA is also in the process of adding new student resources to the Project Share Gateway at www.projectsharetexas.org<http://www.projectsharetexas.org>. Throughout the 2012-13 school year, educators, students, and parents will note the addition of new resources designed to provide engaging TEKS-aligned content. With thousands of visitors to the gateway each day, we see an opportunity to continue to expand gateway resources and welcome your feedback on what additional resources Project Share can provide to Texas districts.

We are excited about the continued growth of Project Share. With approximately 100,000 accounts being added each week, we are quickly approaching the 2 millionth account mark. We see this rapid growth as an opportunity to continue to work with districts and to learn how best to provide online resources that can be used by districts as we all work to ensure student success. Project Share’s growth also means increasing demands on user access and a rewarding user experience when working within Project Share’s learning management system, Epsilen. With user demands increasing each day, we are pleased to announce the merger of Epsilen and ConnectEDU and look forward to the increased capacity, resources, and technical expertise the merger brings to Project Share. The TEA recently worked with ConnectEDU to provide a college and career readiness portal for Texas students at www.texascollegeandcareer.org<http://www.texascollegeandcareer.org>. Information about the new portal was made available in a recent TEA press release at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/news_release.aspx?id=2147509311. The merger will provide more resources and opportunities for growth and Project Share will continue to be offered at no cost to Texas public districts and open enrollment charter schools.

We look forward to the continued growth of Project Share and welcome your feedback, insights, and questions as we continue to create and plan for future student, teacher and parent resources. Please feel free to contact the Project Share team at projectshare at tea.state.tx.us<mailto:projectshare at tea.state.tx.us>.


Anita Givens
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Subject: [TFLA-list] Spanish for Spanish speakers


I am interested in any ideas or lessons any has or has used for teaching Spanish I to Spanish speakers.


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On May 17, 2013, at 4:04 PM, "Carrillo, Luis 'Cesar'" <LCARRILL at houstonisd.org<mailto:LCARRILL at houstonisd.org>> wrote:

One of the new middle schools that open this year in Houston ISD wants to offer Latin.

I  just wanted to know if any of your districts  have a Latin curriculum already developed for middle school  (6th grade)?

Have a great weekend!


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