[TFLA-list] Spanish Curriculum

Ana Snyder Ana.Snyder at humble.k12.tx.us
Tue May 21 15:43:50 EDT 2013

Here's something from our district (HISD) if interested.  I teach
Beginning SSS at my middle school and have materials if you have
anything specific you're looking for  :)

Ana Snyder, MS Ed

Woodcreek Middle School
Spanish I & Beginning Spanish for Spanish Speakers
"A Quest for Excellence"
ana.snyder at humble.k12.tx.us
>>> "Marcelina Nava" <marcelina.nava at plainview.k12.tx.us> 5/16/2013
12:20 PM >>>

Good afternoon educators,
Is there anyone that teaches specifically to native speakers?  I would
like to know about your curriculum.
Thank you,
Marcy Nava
Plainview HS

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