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Hola a todos! 

I also think this forum for TFLA is one of the best practical uses for our foreign language group that I've seen EVER!
Whoever had this idea should be congratulated and thanked. I hope it helps many people. 

Verónica Putney
St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Austin, Texas

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Bonjour tout le monde – 
            I think it’s wonderful that folks are posting job openings. What a great way to find someone! I hope it keeps up and that there are some successes. If it works out, would those of you who have mentioned positions let us know?
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Mirus Academy in Katy, Texas,  is looking for a part-time dynamic Spanish teacher --- 3.5 days per week  ( Tuesday through Thursday, plus Friday mornings. )  The position involves teaching elementary (3rd – 5th grade,)  junior high, and high school Spanish through Spanish 3.  Small school; small classes, usually between 5 and 15 students.   To inquire and / or to request an application, please contact Laura Hogan, Director, at   laura at mirus-academy.org  or 281-392-4477.
To learn more about the school, visit our website:   http://www.mirus-academy.org/
If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   andie.martin at att.net
Andrea Martin
French Teacher
Mirus Academy
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