[TFLA-list] Fall 2013 Newsletter - Scavenger Hunt Winners!!!

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Mon Oct 7 13:31:04 EDT 2013

Dear TFLA Members,

Thank you to all those who participated in this activity!  The winners of 
the one-year membership prize are Adriana Mesa @ Houston ISD, Erik 
Buchanan @ Dallas ISD, and Pat Kahn @ Round Rock ISD!!!  Congratulations! 
You will be receiving a separate email from me shortly with next steps on 
how to claim this award. 

Many thanks to all who read our newsletter and participated!  Please see 
below for the answers.


1. What is the theme for the Fall Conference 2013? Language and Culture: 
Where Passion and Education Meet (page 7)
2. Who is our new President-Elect? Susan Dworaczyk (page 4)
3. What is one of the goals of the STARTALK program? Various answers, 
(page 5)
4. In what year was the inception of TFLA? 1953 (page 11)
5. What does CRCM stand for according to one of the published articles? 
Culturally Responsive Classroom Management (page 16)
6. Who was the Latin teacher of the year in 2004? Donna Gerard (page 21)
7. Who is the AATSP Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year? Yolanda 
Soliz (page 28)
8. Who was the president of TFLA during its first year? Mabel Turman (page 
9. Who is the author of Medical Spanish: A New Approach? Ron Scott (page 
10. Who had a dream come true? Deborah Parrish (page 14)

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