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Re. Patricia Arredondo's request:  
Patricia, we teach a FLES program, K-8.  I have been personally involved in developing and delivering the K-5.  We found that no one commercially available program delivered as richly as our own curriculum, which we built over many years based on our school community's specific needs and wants.  Having said that, I would encourage you to check out Dr. Ana Lomba's website for the younger grades: it is a treasure-trove of wisdom and resources.  We have had a rep from Santillana present to us their terrific FLES.  Although we have not had a chance to integrate it to what we do here, I know that many sister-schools in the Houston area have adopted it with happy results.
Buena suerte!
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My name is Patricia and I teach Spanish as a second language to Pre-K through 4th grade.
I have a few students that already speak Spanish; does anybody know good workbooks to use with them? I am looking mainly from first grade up. 

Thank you!


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